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As the old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ and in stained glass the range of prices can be considerable. Without getting too detailed the major factors in determining the cost are the intricacy of the design and whether or not it has painting.

A typical Victorian door might have two openings for glass of around 250cm wide and 980cm high. In a very simple pattern these might cost as little as £400 plus fitting but an intricate version of the same sizes could be £800 the pair.

Painting, as well as adding to the cost of a panel, is also priced accordingly to the amount of detail. Thus a 5 inch circular painting of just a bird on a twig might be around £80, whilst one with an additional bird, blossom on the branches, a couple of insects and some background, could be twice that price.  

Should you choose to use our services we will always keep you fully informed about the effect anything you want will have on the overall cost and if you have a fixed budget we will do our absolute best not to exceed it.

We never ever do anything without your prior approval.

N.B. The cost of our display image on the home page was priced at just under £3,000.