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Choosing a Style for your house

The variety of domestic stained glass can be bewildering and, despite working in London for over thirty years, we still occasionally find designs that are new to us.


In our opinion the glass in a front door and its surrounds should be appropriate for the date of the house. Frequently our designs are based on stained glass panels that exist locally but, if there are none, we will provide authentic patterns for the specific period.

Ultimately however, our job is to please you and should you have a very personal idea of what you want, then we will use our skills to make it happen!


Bathroom windows, hall side windows and openings in dividing walls are good locations for stained glass as well as conservatories or roof lights.

Landing windows often provide a setting for larger scale work. Even a simple panel can add vibrancy to what is usually a fairly uninteresting area and a properly designed and coloured landing window can completely transform the interior space it commands.

A display of stained glasss in the front entrance will not only create great visual impact but will also increase the value of the property. It adds what the estate agents call "kerb appeal".