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Stained Glass Basic Facts and Jargon

Strictly speaking only glass to which paint and stain have been applied should be called stained glass. Panels made out of coloured glass no matter how intricate, are simply referred to as leaded or decorative.

Windows containing only rectangles or diamond shaped pieces are said to be made of quarries.

Tie bars or saddle bars are metal rods that help support the panel.

Don’t worry if you mix these terms up – it really doesn’t matter!

Should you decide to use our services the normal sequence of events is:

  1. After an initial enquiry you can email or post any photos of neighbour’s glass or just designs in a book that you find attractive.
  2. You are welcome to come to our studio or we can visit you.
  3. Once the basis of the chosen design is agreed we will quote a price. If you wish to proceed a deposit of 1/3 is payable.
  4. We draw up the final full size plans for your approval and colours and textures are chosen.
  5. We make the panels and deliver them to you. The remaining 2/3 balance is paid.
  6. Either a fitter, who we recommend, or your builder installs the panels.